Harley Automotive

Employment Opportunities

Family owned, Harley Automotive is a company with a down-to-earth work environment. While our work pace is energetic, our people are friendly and our culture is casual.  Our work style places a high reliance on, and therefore there is a strong expectation for, self-discipline—but we won’t throw you into the deep end of the pool. 

Patterned after the apprentice (learning), journeyman (self-sufficient), master craftsman (teaches others) model used by the trades and others for centuries, we have developed a strong training program that gives you the on-the-job training, the coaching, and most importantly, the time, to learn your way into your new position. 

Like most companies, we offer competitive benefits including medical and dental plans, 401(k), and paid holidays and vacation.  Unlike most companies, there is a direct line of sight from an individual’s performance to their compensation—depending on a person’s talent, their motivation, drive, and work ethic, the rewards can be lucrative and are without limit.

If you are a self-reliant person who prefers to make their own way, and takes pride in carrying their weight and enjoying the fruits of their own labor, then Harley Automotive may be a place for you.

Current Job Openings

We are currently hiring for the position(s) listed below.  Interested candidates are encouraged to contact us:
  • By phone at 651-777-5420, or 
  • By recruiting@harleyautomotive.com

Position: Business-to-Business Inside Sales Representative


  • Minnesota sales offices.
  • Florida sales office.

Job purpose: Process phone orders from business customers, for auto and truck parts, supplies, and equipment.

Mutual Goals for You and Harley Automotive:

  • Assist customers in making buying decisions by providing product information, price quotations, and other details of the sales offer.
  • Answer customer questions and make suggestions to meet the needs of each customer.
  • Generate customer quotes by entering them into our in-house computer system (use of our computer system is included in our training program).
  • Grow our customer account base by calling on prospects, and maintain our existing customer account base by calling them on a regular basis.
  • Establish and maintain a reliable attendance record.
  • Set and achieve mutual financial goals.

Desired Skills:

  • The self-discipline and personal drive to achieve success.
  • The ability to engage in simple, everyday conversation with prospects and customers over the phone.
  • The willingness to participate in the company's success, including personal advancement, based on your contributions, the company's future needs, and your talents and aspirations.
Contact Us: Interested applicants are encouraged to contact us:
  • By phone at 651-777-5420, or
  • By recruiting@harleyautomotive.com